Music Lessons with Mr. Mason

Mentoring Musicians and Creative Thinkers

Learning music is more than playing a song.

Music helps young minds grow in all directions: academically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Music creates new ways to think critically. It has been proven to improve grades in math, science, and language arts

It teaches self discipline and persistence as young musicians grow in skill. 

Why is music such a powerful way to expand young minds? 

Because every time you play a piece, you are making dozens of split-second decisions in every measure. 

You are thinking about harmonies and chords. You are learning how dynamics (the volume and “feeling” of the music) affects the song or specific piece. 

When you create music with others, you begin to think about synchronization. You learn how to work with a team and how to think about your role as part of an entire composition.

All of those skills strengthen how musicians tackle challenges in “real” world. 

More importantly, music becomes a faithful companion for the rest of the young person’s life.

Music has always been an integral part of my life.

I have been a pianist and vocalist for almost 35 years. My deep love and appreciation for music began when I started taking piano lessons at age 5.

Music has gotten me through some very hard and difficult days as a teenager and as a young adult. 

I am also an educator, and I have seen firsthand how music enhances academic success. 

I take joy in seeing young minds achieve their goals — both in the classroom and on their instrument of choice. 

About Mr. Mason

Brandon Mason has been studying music for almost 35 years. He has trained in piano, brass instruments and as a vocalist. 

He is currently the K-8 music teacher at New Hope Christian School. Before that, he taught in dozens of music and creative arts camps in multiple states throughout the southeast. 

He is also an alumni of the Florida Singing Sons Boy Choir and Second Generation Singers. During his time with those groups, he traveled internationally for choir competitions and performances and was part of many professional recordings. 

Through his affiliation with the singing groups, he has shared the stage with the Florida Philharmonic and performed multiple concerts at the Broward Center of Performing Arts and Parker Playhouse along with many churches in South Florida. 

Mr. Mason was also a pastor with The Salvation Army with his wife, Juliana, for a number of years.

Brandon Mason

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MusicWitnessFocus mean?

As a former pastor and a Christian public speaker, I believe that everything we do should bring glory and honor to God. 

Music is a direct testament to God’s creativity and power. That is why learning and playing music is such a powerful Witness to His glory. 

As His creation, worship — in all its forms — should be our primary Focus. We should be using the gifts and abilities He has blessed us with to bring others closer to Him. 

What instruments do you teach?

I teach beginner piano students, ages 5 years old to high schoolers, and beginner brass students, ages 9 to high schoolers — specifically trumpet, baritone and euphonium.

When (and where) do you offer lessons?

I offer lessons on weekday afternoons at New Hope Christian School in Fort Lauderdale and on Saturdays at individual homes within Broward County, Florida.

Note: More times are available during the summer months.

Please email me to schedule your first lesson. During that lesson, we will determine the best time for weekly lessons.

For the fastest progress, I recommend students take lessons twice a week. However, I am open to giving lessons only once a week.

If you select a Saturday lesson, I will call to make arrangements, depending on your location and time requested.

For an updated schedule of available times, please check my calendar.

How much do lessons cost?

Beginner lessons, at 30 minutes each, are $30. I accept a check or cash at the time of the appointment.

For siblings who live in the same house, I offer a $5 discount per additional child when their lessons are scheduled back to back. For example, lessons for two siblings cost $55. Three siblings, booked for an entire hour and a half, cost $80.

Saturday lessons will include an additional travel fee per household.

Discounts will be offered for lessons paid in advance: 

  • 5% off for one month of lessons 
  • 10% off for three months of lessons.

What materials will students need?

Piano students must have regular access to a functioning piano or a keyboard with weighted keys to facilitate daily practice. Brass students will need to rent or purchase an instrument.

Additionally, each student must have required books by their second lesson.

Beginner Piano students, ages 5 to 7, need the following books:

Elementary students, who had one year of piano lessons, need the following books:

Trumpet students need Essential Elements for Band for B Flat Trumpet. Other brass instrumentalists should contact Mr. Mason for their specific book.

Families can purchase the book on Amazon or at All County Music. Each sibling must have his or her own books.

Do I need to stay with my child during their lesson?

Yes. A parent or guardian must stay with minors for the duration of each lesson.

Schedule a First Lesson with Mr. Mason

Music lessons are a journey to critical thinking skills, self discipline and greater appreciation for the gift of music that God has given us. 

One of my greatest joys is watching new musicians experience the excitement of playing a song they recognize for the first time. 

I’m excited to join you in a lifelong journey with music. It all starts with a first lesson! 

During the first lesson, we will discuss proper piano (or brass) technique, the reasons why we practice, and our goals for music lessons. 

We will also discuss an optimal regular time for lessons — whether those are weekly or twice a week (recommended). 

If you have any questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions above.

Click the link below to email me at musicwitnessfocus@gmail.com

Let's begin!

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