Reasons You Want a Great Copywriter

By Juliana Torres-Mason


You want to persuade your audience to action.​

The number one value a good copywriter will bring to your business is the power to persuade.

I see so many businesses hyper-focused on content creation. The thought is that the more … stuff you put out into the world, the better chances you have to draw in more clients. While that’s a good theory, it’s only a part of the equation. 

Your content should be about spurring your audience to action. If your content is only informational or (worse) only entertaining, you’re not getting the full value of your time and money.

Good copywriting is intentional, strategic and, yes, at least a little entertaining!

How would you use a writer to bring your ideas to life?

By Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels


You’re not sure how to translate your ideas into a message that connects with potential clients.

You’re a fountain of great ideas. You’re a visionary in your field, and you know you can make people’s lives better. 

You’re just not sure how to explain it, much less explain it in writing. 

Enter a copywriter. A good copywriter can transform your ideas into clear, concise writing that keeps your audience engaged. 

A great copywriter can help you clarify your message and begin building a brand identity for your new business. 

Do you consider yourself a visionary? What’s your strategy for communicating big ideas?

How would you use a writer to bring your ideas to life?


You’re a gifted speaker … but you don’t know how to translate your speeches into written words.

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When you connect to someone one-on-one, you’re able to effortlessly explain your ideas. In front of a whole audience, you find it easy to inspire people to action. 

Your words don’t seem quite as powerful when you write them down. Why?

I consider spoken English to be almost an entirely different language than written English. The two forms of communicating have different rules that you have to master separately to be effective in both. 

For instance, I learned when I was studying to be a pastor that a good theology paper does not instantly translate into a good sermon.

The opposite also is true: You shouldn’t write exactly the way you speak. 

If you’re great at public speaking, you might need a copywriter to translate your best speeches into great writing. 

Which language are you better at: speaking or writing? How have you worked to get better at one or the other?


You want your website to be search engine optimized.

Search engine optimization might be a buzzword you’ve heard but don’t understand. Or you might understand the power of making your website pop up on web searches but you don’t know how to make that happen. 

Either way, a great copywriter can help!

Search engine optimization (or SEO) includes all the methods that help search engines like Google and Bing find your website. In short, if people are Googling a question, you want your website to show up as the answer. 

SEO includes some technical tricks to appease the search engines. However, what Google bots really want to find is relevant and useful content. 

A great copywriter can translate the answers your business offers into web pages the search engine bots want to find. Because ultimately, your next client is on the other side of the keyboard, looking for the answer you have. 

If you (or your business) could show up as the top search result for anything you wanted, what would it be? Mine would be “world’s greatest copywriter.”


You want a blog that’s hassle-free and uniquely you.

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A blog is a great way to establish yourself as an authority with a unique point of view. It’s also a great way to target keywords that make your website pop up in relevant Google searches. 

Maybe you’ve wanted to start a blog for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe you know the value but don’t have the time to make a blog happen. 

A copywriter can help! 

A great copywriter will be able to capture your voice and translate your ideas into compelling posts that people will read and talk about. Great copywriters can even come up with new ideas and help you craft a long term messaging strategy.

If you could start a blog today, what would it be about? 


You want quality research.

Great content doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s built with great research, appropriate context and thought-provoking ideas. 

You can pay less for content that will repeat the right keywords, but ultimately won’t provide the answers people are looking for.

Or you could hire a great copywriter who will target the keywords you want while accurately providing information people want.

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You want to connect with your audience in a personal way.

A great copywriter writes in a way that makes the reader feel seen and understood. 

Think about the last time you found yourself accidentally reading a Facebook ad that popped up in your feed. Maybe it doesn’t happen often to you. But the difference between scrolling past the ad and continuing to read is likely the work of a great copywriter. 


You don’t have time to write the copy yourself… and that’s OK.

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You might be an amazing writer. Maybe you have an English degree buried deep in your education. Maybe your last essay comparing the works of all three Brontë sisters was a thought-provoking work of art. 

Now you’re pursuing another passion – something that you love. Something that keeps your brain busy with ideas and inspiration. 

Sure, you could write all the great copy your business needs. But would that take you away from your current passion? Would it distract you from the new goals you are excited to pursue?

Hire a great copywriter. Allow yourself to remain focused on what you love to do. No guilt required. 

How much time would you save if you had someone else to write web copy or social media or blogs or proposals or ANYTHING for you? What would you love to pay someone to write for you?