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Your organization is poised to change the world... if only more people would listen.

Capture their attention by telling better stories.

Storytelling through:

Nonprofit Marketing

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Your organization began with a story.


o matter how your movement has grown, its origin can be traced back to a powerful moment:

A thoughtful gift of kindness. 

A creative solution to a desperate loss.

A blossoming friendship that dispelled the gloom. 

A heroic reversal of a doomed narrative. 

A community united against injustice. 

Whatever its form, your origin story inspired change. 

Now, every day, more stories are woven into your movement. 

Despite funding challenges and the looming pile of paperwork on your desk, those moments of triumph keep you going. 


You aren’t telling those stories enough to your community. 

Not enough people feel the impact of each individual transformation. 

Our brains align when we tell stories. As a listener imagines the scene described by a passionate storyteller, the brain activity of both people begins to match.

Stories allow us to empathize more deeply than facts ever can. They illuminate shared ideals.

You cannot inspire without a story. 

In fact…

Stories are humanity’s most powerful marketing tool.

Nonprofits are fortunate. Beautifully powerful stories flow through your work each and every day.

Let’s capture them! 

Let’s harness the power of stories to expand your movement.

Hi! I'm Juliana Torres-Mason, your Nonprofit Storyteller

I’m a copywriter with a background in community journalism and the nonprofit world.

More importantly…

love stories.

Now, I harness storytelling to propel nonprofits to the next level of growth and outreach.

I work with organizations who are transforming their community — or the world! — in powerful ways. 

I love diving into individual stories and exploring how lives were elevated and changed.

My job is to proclaim your organization’s vision, ideals and impact… all while you keep working on the front lines of change.

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Storytelling for Nonprofits

A free email for busy nonprofit executives who want to learn to inspire with stories.

How we capture their attention:

Strengthen your message with Nonprofit Marketing

You’ve created a thriving organization that’s growing beyond the length of your arms.

How do you explain what you do to others? How do you make sure your team uses the right words to convey the heart and soul of your movement?

First, we craft the voice of your organization to ensure your message is cohesive and clear.

Then, we create a marketing strategy across your website, social media, email communication and donation campaigns.  

"She is able to create a brand story from scratch."

Lindy Nowak of Up in a Day Websites

“She is really able to capture the essence of brands and literally create a brand story from scratch.

“And she can craft the copy in a format that is structured for the sales and marketing goals of the clients’ websites.

“I highly recommend hiring Juliana. So often people have cold feet because they’ve been burned in the past with copywriters. But you can trust Juliana.”

– Lindy Nowak

Founder of Up in a Day Websites

Articulate your vision and ideas with CEO Thought Leadership

Thought leaders challenge presumptions, brainstorm solutions, and lead thought-provoking discussions.

If your ideas are more prolific than your time, ghostwritten thought leadership is the answer.

Each month, we’ll talk through your creative ideas and experiences. 

Back in our workshop, we’ll organize your thoughts, adding in quality research, illustrative stories and a little SEO magic. 

Voilà! You take home an article you’re proud to promote.

"The perfect words that communicate precisely what I am trying to say."

Juan Gallo

“Now, Juliana and I will sit down, and I can pour all these ideas out of my head and knock out a whole month’s worth of blogs in a half an hour.

“She is adept at choosing the perfect words that communicate precisely what I am trying to say.

I quickly learned that the value she brings to our organization is worth every penny, between the time saved and the quality, professional work she produces.

– Juan Gallo

CEO of Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida

Expand funding through effective Grant Writing

Stories transform even boring ol’ grants into a powerful experience!

We write grants that jump off the page with proof of transformation and impact.

On top of that, we provide quality project management. Our team will take your grant project from start to finish with best practices and ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

We believe the very best grant stories check all the boxes of compliance. Just like we would never leave a plot point unresolved, our goal is to answer every question. 

"The stories she puts together are so important."

“We’ve seen an uptick in people wanting to make an investment of their availability and their resources, and I know it directly related to Juliana’s effort.

“The stories she puts together are so important because it keeps the interest of our readers and provides greater opportunities for our organization to connect with potential donors.”

– The Rev. Dr. Marion Platt

Executive Director of Star Gospel Mission

Let's capture your stories!

The next step is easy. 

You need stories to lead your marketing strategy. Let’s craft a strategy to tell the right stories to the right people. 

During our consultation call, we’ll discuss: 

  • Your goals and marketing challenges
  • How my agency works and what you can expect from me
  • The best marketing strategies to fit your needs

We’ll also discuss pricing so you have an idea what to expect. My goal is to simplify your decision rather than overwhelming you with too many options you may not need.

The consultation is free and no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Together, we’ll craft impactful stories to propel your movement to the next level. 

Together, we’ll craft
impactful stories
to propel your movement to the next level.

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