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"Juliana has given me back so much precious time."
"She is really able to... create a brand story from scratch."
"We’ve seen an uptick in people wanting to make an investment..."
"(She) benefitted my business by simplifying everything."​
"Juliana is humble and kindhearted and just a delight to work with."​
"Our organization gains so much benefit by working with Juliana."​
Juan Gallo

"Juliana has given me back so much precious time."

“I’m always thinking about what I want to say to my audience, and I have so many ideas in my head, but it can be hard to find the time and words to say it just right. Now, Juliana and I will sit down, and I can pour all these ideas out of my head and knock out a whole month’s worth of blogs in a half an hour.

“She is adept at choosing the perfect words that communicate precisely what I am trying to say.

“Juliana’s services benefit our organization because it ensures regular content that is delivered on a predictable schedule for our website. Juliana also takes the entire website to a more professional level. You can tell there is a flow to everything.

“I had never hired a copywriter before, and at first was concerned about the cost when before I just did everything myself. However, I quickly learned that the value she brings to our organization is worth every penny, between the time saved and the quality, professional work she produces. 

Also, Juliana is just great to work with. She’s professional, smart, witty, and is just a pleasure to work with.”

– Juan Gallo

"I love working with Juliana."

“My company is based on systems and processes, and one of the reasons I love working with Juliana so much is she has a very efficient, smart and systemized approach to her writing services. 

“She’s very smart, very well spoken, and excellent at running client-facing meetings. I let her take the reins, and she just comes in and expertly represents our company.

“I also love Juliana’s tone of writing. She has this really unique ability and talent to understand and adapt her writing – the actual language and tone – to different verticals. 

“She is really able to capture the essence of brands and literally create a brand story from scratch.

“And she can craft the copy in a format that is structured for the sales and marketing goals of the clients’ websites.

“I highly recommend hiring Juliana. So often people have cold feet because they’ve been burned in the past with copywriters. But you can trust Juliana. She is communicative and is going to get the job done and is going to do it right. She always follows through, and that is really hard to come by. 

“It’s so hard to find quality copywriters, and Juliana ticks all the right boxes.”

– Lindy Nowak

Website copy on behalf of Up in a Day Websites:

Lindy Nowak of Up in a Day Websites

Website copy on behalf of Up in a Day Websites:

"We’ve seen an uptick in people wanting to make an investment of their availability and their resources.

“Star Gospel Mission is a 119-year-old charity in Charleston, South Carolina. But we have not been very good about telling our story. 

“That’s where Juliana comes in.

“I think we are attracting younger donors, younger volunteers, all because her message is crafted for where they hang out. 

“The stories she puts together are so important because it keeps the interest of our readers and provides greater opportunities for our organization to connect with potential donors and those who are supportive of our organization to understand on a deeper level what we are all about.

“It’s almost like Juliana is extending an invitation to learn more about the Mission.

“Even more than the quality writing, I’d say the most important value she adds is the gift of time you’ll free up to do all the other jobs that only you can do. 

“Juliana has easily saved me a dozen or more hours in a week. 

“I would strongly urge anyone to hire her to manage the writing for your business or organization.”

– The Rev. Dr. Marion Platt

Executive Director of Star Gospel Mission

"Working with Juliana benefitted my business by simplifying everything."

“She helped make my thoughts clearer for whoever is coming to my website, making it so they can understand what it is that I’m doing. She can really tap into what is being said and focus on those words and make it clear and concise. 

“I’m a busy man, and I honestly didn’t want to take the time to actually write it out and do the work myself. Before working with her, I had a website, but I didn’t have much copy or visibility.

“It was also really great working with her because we could take a lot of my incomplete thoughts, and we could piece them together.

“She is a great listener, and she could figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted it to look like. She’s a great springboard for fleshing out my ideas.

“She made sure I had everything step by step, and she made sure I was happy with the product before the final version was published. It was wonderful working with her.

“Juliana’s work has definitely improved my website. In addition to the professional writing, it’s also improved based on the analytics … there is actual data to show it has improved.

“On top of all that, Juliana can pair my words with my writing style, so my website truly sounds like me. That’s a huge value that I got from working with her.”

– Aaron Smalls

Performer, speaker and owner of Curiously Talented

"Our founder has always been the voice of our organization, and Juliana truly captured her voice, our missions and values."

“She has a lot of expertise regarding what we were trying to accomplish with our email campaign, so it was really easy to give her the information and she ran with it from there. 

“She helped us do a campaign direct response messaging, so all our email and direct mail appeal. Her efforts helped us raise about $9,000.

“Juliana is so easy and pleasant to work with.

“She is very knowledgeable and made the process really simple and put our entire team at ease.

“We don’t have a person on our own staff who is dedicated to writing content, so Juliana was able to take that on. 

“Hiring Juliana bought our organization precious time. It was such a lift for us to not worry about who was writing and editing our email campaigns. The amount of time we had to spend thinking about that project was cut down significantly. 

“It was a huge peace of mind. 

“I would absolutely recommend Juliana to anyone!”

– Alessandra Thomas

Director of Operations at Every Mother’s Advocate

"Juliana is humble and kindhearted and just a delight to work with."

“Juliana is wonderful. She is extremely creative. We gave her one of our larger products that required writing and also graphic design — our school yearbook. 

“She’s very organized and knew exactly what she needed to say before she got to the few meetings we had in person. She doesn’t waste time, which I appreciate. She reaches out when she needs to communicate, but beyond that she is able to work independently.

“She’s open to critique and doesn’t receive it pridefully or defensively. Most of our critiques were more layout related, like, ‘Let’s move this here. Can we add another spread there?’ So we didn’t have any difficulty working together at all. I even tried to poach her as a teacher, but she is satisfied in her writing work!

“The largest impact Juliana made was on the students that she mentored.

“She took a group of seventh-graders who knew zero about graphic design, zero about photography, zero about layout. And she really taught them over the course of the school year. 

“Each of these students submitted a design … and I told Mrs. Mason that I couldn’t believe our students came up with this themselves, and that’s really a tribute to her instruction and guidance along the way.

“One of the things I appreciated so much about (Juliana) is that I was able to articulate and explain to her what we were looking for, and she just did it.”

– Brandy Andrews

Head of School at New Hope Christian School

"Our organization gains so much benefit by working with Juliana."

“She works with me on the newsletter and community stories, which is a huge benefit. Stories move people and create impact, so we are able to share these stories with our donor base, our constituents, and potential volunteers and move people to action. Juliana brings those stories to life and communicates them to the key people. 

“She has such a good way of listening and then highlighting the main points instead of me getting lost in all the details. She reigns it in and has a wonderful ability of choosing the best words to communicate my thoughts.

“Her work on the website and the amazing content has really driven more traffic to our website. 

“Before, people would be pushed more towards our social media pages, but now there is truly a home for all of these stories, so people are landing in the right place to gain all this important information at one time in one convenient location.

“If you are thinking about hiring a copywriter, stop thinking about it and do it. It allows you to consolidate all your thoughts and ideas about your business or content and delegate it to an expert to consolidate and phrase it perfectly and professionally. She has saved me so much time.

“Overall, Juliana is just so easy to work with. She’s professional, on time, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Riana Samaroo

Community Relations Director at Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida

"I highly recommend Juliana as a writer and a professional.

“Before working with Juliana, our website was pretty basic. It was a way to let clients know we were a legitimate business, but it didn’t offer much beyond that.

“Now, our website effectively communicates what we do as an IT company.  

“It helps sell our services, and I’m proud to point potential clients to our website to help them get better acquainted with our company.

“Often, there’s a disconnect between how those of us in the IT world communicate and what our clients understand. Juliana is good at translating how we operate so that those who can really use the technical support understand the value we offer.”

– Chris Torres

President of CT Technical Services

"Juliana is very professional, very responsive, and her blogs are extremely thorough and well researched."

“Thanks to her, I am able to regularly post blogs on my website, which drives traffic to my site and helps with my Google placement.

“I have the knowledge and expertise about my business, but everything becomes clear when she writes it. She is able to showcase my expertise through regular blogs, and I did not have time to do that myself before hiring her.

“Juliana helps my website look more professional and organized, with a constant stream of quality, relevant content. 

“Hiring the right copywriter, like Juliana, is definitely a time saver and really helps your business stand out above the others.”

– Melissa Donnahoe

Owner/Broker of Royal Empire Realty, Powered by SELLSTATE

Melissa Donnahoe