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Stories are the most powerful way to connect with the audience you need to grow.

As a nonprofit leader, you’re aware of this crucial marketing principle.

In theory.

At least… it sounds nice. 

But how do you apply it?

How do you know what to write? 

And when do you have time — among all of your other priorities — to go looking for these magical stories?? 

Storytelling for Nonprofits offers strategic tips for using stories to SHOW your impact on the community. 

It’s for nonprofit executives who:
➡️ Lead successful organizations without enough marketing help
➡️ Struggle to connect their mission to people who SHOULD care 🙄
➡️ Want their message to cut ✂️ through the BUSY
➡️ Do NOT have the time for a new marketing scheme

And it’s all based on my real-time experience writing for nonprofit organizations. 

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